Out And About

My travels in and around Germany begin with a tour of the Germany of yesteryear, when Bonn was the capital, Kohl was the chancellor and Liebfrau was the sophisticates’ drink of choice:


The land that time forgot. For over a hundred years Germany was bordered by a country so small you would never know it was there. Welcome to Neutral Moresnet.


A tall tale from Ronneburg, Hesse and how its inhabitants braved the New World –inventing the microwave oven in the process.


The Rhineland again. Greetings from another de facto microstate:

The Best Laid Plans…

Brussels. The heart of the evil empire…

Heart of Darkness

Arnhem and the infamous “bridge too far”:

Where Have All The Flowers Gone?

The last frontier. The sixteenth and last German federal state on my “to visit” list:

Sweet Sixteen