Today we are going on a journey to a country you never knew existed. This is not some fantasy land; this is a bona fide nation on Germany's western border so small that history has almost forgotten it was ever there. Pack lightly --it's only going to be a day trip. Neutral Moresnet is so … Continue reading Curiosity

A Tale Of Two Cities

The university semester starts today. For the first time, I have to teach a course in politics. Or rather we do. It's a bilingual course in English and French. I speak in English, my colleague in French. Today he does the talking because everyone wants to know about Marine Le Pen. They could also ask me of … Continue reading A Tale Of Two Cities

I Promise To Honour The Flag

It takes just three minutes to puncture Dortmund's dream. Number 29, Kylian Mbappé hits home. 1-0 Monaco on the night, 4-2 on aggregate and 87 minutes to go. Dying Swan has struck again. The Monegasque fans celebrate. They jump, they cheer, they wave flags. Red-and-white flags of the prinicipality, flags bearing the club's emblem, flags … Continue reading I Promise To Honour The Flag