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I like to ramble but I don’t want you to get lost. So here are some top picks, sorted by category, which might help your browsing.

The Brexit Process

Events as they develop and how they affect average Joes like me can be found here.

Out and About

Travels in and around Germany. Wrap up warm and click here.

Match Day

Football played a large part in bringing me here, back in the days when I was young and foolish. You can read about the German football experience here.

My Germany

Go on, you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to live in one of Germany’s most obscure towns. Click here for a refreshing alternative to A Year In Provence!

My Ramblings

I love to tell stories and talk rubbish. You can become part of my captive audience by clicking here.

Alternatively you can just follow the whole story by looking in the archives on the home page.